Node operator mainnet launch prep

Before you go through this make sure to follow up with our key management guide in order to prevent any mistakes or key loss

Here are the following commands you should use to relaunch:

Open terminal/git bas/PuTTY.

Connect to your instance, using ssh (check your aws ec2 instance for exact command).

Harmony mainnet-step2

Download the latest version of the wallet script in your terminal.

curl -LO
chmod a+x
./ -d
./ list

Enter "tmux new-session -s node" to make a new tmux session named "node".

Harmony mainnet-step4

If you already have tmux up and running, you will receive the "duplicate session" error. To avoid this use "tmux attach -d -t node" as shown below:

Harmony mainnet-step51
Harmony mainnet-step52

Copy and paste the following commands one at a time:

curl -LO
chmod a+x
sudo ./ -c

Press ctrl+b then hit "d" to detach from tmux

Check your wallet balances using:

./ balances