Token Transfers on Mainnet

This page will explain how to do token transfers on Harmony Mainnet for Foundational Nodes and Pangaeans.

Getting Super Powers

For Foundational Node operators and Pangaean node operators:

First, connect to your node and make sure you update your wallet.

./ -d

Here is the generic example of commands to do a transfer:

./ transfer --from one1... --to one1...
--amount # --shardID # --pass pass:YOURPASSPHRASE

And here is a very specific example of a transfer:

./ transfer --from one1ljvq9tkvfp583zzl85mgjh3qjvjufnuwmn7krv
--to one136d9rd7js6rql0llze369y6jm9rednukz6ukhc --amount 100 --shardID 1
--pass file:pass.txt

Notice that in the specific example the PASSPHRASE is embedded in a text file called:


To put your pass phrase into a text file called pass.txt, run the following command first before you run the transfer command:

echo -n "YOURPASSPHRASE" > pass.txt

You must specify the shardID and put the shard number in which you have tokens for the transfer to work.

--shardID 1

We suggest you try out token transfer with another foundational node member or Pangaean. Be careful with your newfound powers. When you are done, you can search for the transaction hash on

Add your transaction hash to the Google Form here and we'll randomly select a winner to receive some awesome Harmony swag in the coming week.

If you are interested in testing the token transfer with a Harmony core team member first, contact Ben Fong | Harmony or Li | on We can also help you with technical support.

These are the basic steps for now. We are looking for your support and will keep this guide up-to-date as we get feedback from our foundational nodes and Pangaea community. Enjoy responsibly.

This is what a successful transaction looks like:

./ transfer --from one1ljvq9tkvfp583zzl85mgjh3qjvjufnuwmn7krv
--to one136d9rd7js6rql0llze369y6jm9rednukz6ukhc --amount 100 --shardID 1
--pass file:pass.txt
Using default profile for wallet
Unlock account succeeded! 'file:pass.txt'
Transaction Id for shard 1:

And here is that transaction on our explorer:

And the screenshot, just for good measure :)

Creating a new wallet address

./ new
Passphrase again:
account: one19czwam2ukyfr5ucz36zsnvezd78u2d5dcx4t2z