Node setup quick reference

FAQ and knowledge-base of running Harmony Node

First time running/setting up your node:

cd Downloads/ //change directory to downloads folder
chmod 400 Your_Pem_File //makes your key not publicly viewable
ssh -i......from amazon connect //ssh into aws instance
sudo yum update //updates instance
mkdir -p ~/.hmy/keystore //makes a new directory to store harmony keys

Setting up a new wallet:

curl -LO //downloads script
chmod a+x
./ -d
./ new //makes new Harmony wallet ID
./ blsgen //makes BLS keypair
./ list

Launching and running your node:

Note if you are upgrade your node use tmux attach-session -t nodeinstead of tmux new-session -s node

sudo yum install -y tmux //installs tmux
tmux new-session -s node //creates new tmux session named "node"
curl -LO //downloads script
chmod a+x
sudo ./ //sync your node to harmony blockchain
ctrl+b then d //detaches from tmux

Checking your software version

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(pwd) ./harmony -version

Checking your block height

# beacon chain shard
tac latest/zerolog*.log | grep -m 1 blockShard.:0 | grep -oE blockNumber.:[0-9]+
# your shard, ex, 1
tac latest/zerolog*.log | grep -m 1 blockShard.:1 | grep -oE blockNumber.:[0-9]+

Checking the System Status

  • Balances -

  • Block Height (Hourly earnings) -

  • Explorer -

Monitoring your node:

grep BINGO latest/zerolog*.log //checks BINGOs
./ balances //checks your node's current balance
curl -OL //downloads script to check node status
chmod u+x ./
./ all //checks all your node statuses
tac latest/zero*.log | grep -oam 1 -E "\"(blockNumber|myBlock)\":[0-9\"]*"
//checks your current block number
tac latest/*.log | grep -oam 1 -E "\"(blockShard|[Ss]hardID)\":[0-3]"
//checks which shard you're in

Useful Commands:

sudo ./ //restarts sync/if genesis not found in blockchain
tmux attach //reattach back to tmux
./ importBLS --key BLS_Private_Key //resets your passphrase
watch -n 10 ./ balances
./ exportPriKey --account //moves private key

Check disk space

df -h

Check disk usage

du -h