Frequently Asked Questions

I want to run more than one node on a single machine. Can I do that?

Yes, you can. However due to reliability issues, it is not advised not to do that. If the machine fails, all your nodes will fail as well. It is imperative to keep as many nodes up as possible at all times.

I'm getting this error message. "Can't find the matching account key of account_index:123"

This is normal if you just got your index number! This means that there is a placeholder account on that account index. Please give the team 1-2 days to enter your account key and launch the index.

I can't find the balance on

This is a known issue that the explorer has some compatibility issues with the view change algorithm. Even though it shows only 3 shards sometimes, it doesn't mean the shard is down. Please use your wallet ID to check your block rewards while we continue to fix this issue.

DEBUG[06-10|20:14:13.729] [SYNC] no peers to connect to

A known issue. Please run sudo ./ $account to retry.

Is my ONE Address linked to my BLS keys?

Generation of the BLS keys are independent of your harmony ONE address, you can create any amount of BLS keys independent.

How do I know which shard my node is at?

You can run grep "shard" latest/validator-ip-address.log and you'll see messages similar to

{"got notified":"harmony/0.0.1/node/shard/2/ActionPause","ip":"","lvl":"info","msg":"[DISCOVERY]","port":"9000","t":"2019-06-14T23:48:41.523967984Z"}

Here the node is on shard 2.

How do I check for Bingos?

Run the command in tmux

tac latest/zero*.log | grep -am 1 "BINGO"

Am I part of consensus? (Have I synced)

The more blocks in a blockchain the more content you need to download in order for your node to be up to date with the blockchain. When you are syncing you are downloading all the preexisting blocks. To know if you have finished syncing use the command above to check for Bingos. A bingo means that consensus has been reached on a new block.

Is my node still running when I close my terminal instance?

If you hit ctrl b + d you DETACH from tmux and your node will continue running/syncing.

How to check my bootnode connectivity?

First of all, you may install netcat command as a network diagnostic tool. This document may provide some guidance. Then, use the following command to check the bootnode connectivity.

nc -tv -w3 9874
nc -tv -w3 9874
nc -tv -w3 12019
nc -tv -w3 12019
# all of them should return something like the following
Connection to port 12019 [tcp/*] succeeded!

If there is any issue that the bootnode can't connect, please contact our Discord channel for help.