Validator Service Agreement

Validators are node runners who set-up host machines to run Harmony client software to validate the blockchain. They get rewarded by block rewards. Validators are the essential foundation of the PoS blockchain. Validators are stakers but they also provide service to other stakers that delegate the stake to them. Our goal at Harmony is to build the most decentralized PoS blockchain with the strong support of a successful validator community.

Agreement Overview

This Agreement represents a service level agreement between Harmony and our validators for the provisioning of running a node required to support and sustain our mainnet. The purpose is to ensure that Harmony and our validators are able to communicate regularly, including daily as needed, and for our blockchain network to be running at 99.99% uptime.

Service Agreement

Customer Requirements and Understanding

  • Active participation on at least one of the following channels: Email, Discord, WeChat, or Telegram.

  • Having the resources to run a node at 99% uptime, to upgrade node within 24 hours of new software release, to respond to urgent network security request within 6 hours. Nodes can go offline for maintenance by the node runner. Irresistible conditions such as: natural disasters and power outages of the data center do not count towards offline time. Harmony node software bug caused node offline does not count towards offline time.

  • Understand that validators can be swapped out if they don’t respond within 10 business days after initial contact, or if they don’t meet our service/uptime requirements.

  • If you choose to no longer run a node with us, you must let us know within 2 business days.

Service Provider Requirements

  • Harmony team will respond to our validators within a reasonable timeframe, usually within 24 hours.

  • A validator’s nodes will not be swapped out without 2 failed responses to our notices by Email, Discord, WeChat, or Telegram.