Staking Partner Service Agreement

Service agreement between Harmony Foundation and Staking Partner

Harmony blockchain provides open staking support, which means anyone with enough Harmony $ONE token based on EPoS can create a validator node o validate the blockchain while earning block rewards. Any token holders can also delegate their tokens to any validators. Validators may earn a certain amount of commission of the block rewards earned by the stake delegated by the delegators. There are a limited number of seats as validators in each shard of the blockchain. The first stage of the open staking will have 40% of the 1000 seats open to external nodes.

Harmony Staking Partners are more than just regular validators. They provide reliable and long running validating service to Harmony blockchain. Staking partners provide the highest level of services with high availability, high efficient validating services to the blockchain. They are certified as the official staking partners of Harmony blockchain so that they can gain more attractions from other staking delegators.

Agreement Overview

This Agreement represents a service level agreement between Harmony and our staking partners for the provisioning of running nodes required to support and sustain our mainnet. The purpose is to ensure that Harmony and our partners are able to communicate regularly, including daily as needed, and for our blockchain network to be running at 99.99% uptime.

This document is a preview version of the service agreement, not the complete business agreement between partners and Harmony.

Service Agreement

Partner Requirements and Understanding

  • Partners maintain a fleet of nodes as validators in premium cloud providers or dedicated data centers. The least requirement on the host machine is equivalent to t3.small as AWS defined and 5G/s network down/up links.

  • Dedicated point of contact and clear escalation path for service partners.

  • Active participation on at least one of the following channels: Discord, WeChat, or Telegram.

  • Having the reliable resources to run a node at 99.5% uptime, to upgrade node within 12 hours of new software release, to respond to urgent network security request within 1 hour. Paging service shall be setup to ensure on time response of the service call.

  • Nodes can go offline for maintenance by the partner with 24 hours notification. Irresistible conditions such as: natural disasters and power outages of the data center do not count towards offline time. Harmony node software bug caused node offline does not count towards offline time.

  • Understand that partnership may be terminated earlier if they didn't meet the requirement in this service agreement.

Service Provider Requirements

  • Harmony team will respond to our partners within a reasonable timeframe, usually within 12 hours.

  • Harmony team will provide sufficient training and education program to the partners via Pangaea Academy program and provide seats to run the node on the testnet.